F.G.I. since 1990

FGI starts its activity in 1990 in sector of foamed plastic materials transformations for automotive industry, working exclusively for local area as a sub-supplier of the components producers of who the final customer was Fiat.

Quickly, the flexibility and resourcefulness of the company bring to FGI the possibility to operate throughout the country, always as a supplier of seals, soundproofing and insulation gaskets for the top-level components for automotive and white goods sector.

The breakthrough comes after 2000 with the intuition that the national market will not have a significant development in the future and that there are another countries in which the production for Automotive, white goods and systems connected to these ones will find their expansion.

Since then, the point of reference market remains the German market with direct deliveries to Germany and to all other countries which are the European producers.

In this way, joining the fantasy and flexibility typical for Italian with precision and mentality typical for German people, FGI remains an important partner in continuous growth for many top-level suppliers, as finally reaches and passes, in the brilliant way, an audit of Volkswagen in 2012, becoming, thanks to this, his direct supplier.

The sales development and collaboration with European market make a decision about opening a new production plant in the heart of Central/East Europe in 2012 natural. This is how FGI Poland start its activities in Witnica, a few kilometres from German border, with a challenge to supply directly and in the most competitive way to Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, containing the operative costs and reducing the costs for the transport.

Italian Know-How, German quality, Polish competitiveness. A formula that continues to bring the positive results in terms of growth and development.