News & Events

New Web Site

13 November 2014

Finally, we have a pleasure to present a new version of our web site that, as you can notice, has a brand new design and a sunny and intense layout, rich of colours and images. New life, undated contents! A restyling of our web site doesn't concern only the graphic part but also its structure and contents. A new web site is supposed to be a precious instrument of contact and information for those who want to know or improve the security. We are waiting for you on our new web site and if you have some our warehouse to discover the last news.

The Perfect Production

10 September 2014

In order to strength and resistance needs regarding to the rubber seal, the production must be always at its highest potential. Our units are therefore technologically advanced and constantly monitored to ensure a total efficiency, which is expressed, at the same time, in quality and production capacity, the aspects which make our product particularly competitive in quality / price ratio.

Fgi Poland February 2014 Relocation Of Production Plant

10 September 2014

FGI Poland relocates its headquarter to the new workshop on February, changing its dimension from actual 800 to 2,500 square meters of a new facility. The assignment of new projects requires a larger structure where there will be installed two new production lines as well, one of which will be dedicated to the adhesive lamination on the materials.

Fgi Italy January 2014 Technological Innovation

10 September 2014

The policy of technological innovations is carrying on: there will be delivered a new automatic press 50 Ton MAV on January, a machine with automatic loading, optical search of material sheets and equipped rotating head to optimize the cut nesting.